sports and its importance

Sports Definition 

Sports is formerly known as the system of activities includes all physical or non-physical games. Generally people do these activities in a organized manner to improve or maintain there physical or mental ability while participation in the game, participants also entertain with each other in multiple ways to express there interest. Sports are generally associated with the education in high school or universities to enhance the abilities of the one. People also know how to interact with the competent throughout the game. There are many sports which we generally play in our daily life and entertain our kids and family members. Sports are organized in a way to built relations in between the countries and states so that people will know about the thinking of the others and now a days to play sports countries organize the Olympics.

            Each country has it’s own history to be around with sports still they play games to build there economy too. Sport or any game are governed by certain peace of rules so that each participant got a fair game or chance to win that game or medal or any kind of prize held by the organizers. Wining can be judge by any kind of mean like physical scoring or subjective measures and sports events. Todays organizers also record the games for promotion or to earn through it and the government authority made a official record of the winning time or scores as a history of records to be shown that this much is the highest score till now. While playing on a country level the authority has the rights to decide where the teams or people will play and it’s there responsibility to maintain the playground for the international level game. These all sports are organized or held by largest international sports federation. Sports Accord have the following criteria , determines that a sport should.


Countries with sports

Today’s world or we all people mostly know the famous sports which are played globally but each countries has it’s own national sports to be played. Most of the countries have their own passion in the national games which they were playing very long ago or you can say they were historically or culturally significant to the country. There are also some sport games which are not accepted by law but they still very famous and known as national sports. Below are some countries with their national sports game.

  1.  Japan : In japan sports are more like of a traditional game played at the tournament or something like that. There national Sport game is “Sumo” . Sumo is more like a wrestling style of japan. This sport in japan has been started over 1000 year ago.
  2.  China : In china “Mahjong” is a sport nationalized by their national authority but it need a big crowd to be at the same time to play but “Ping Pong/Table Tennis” is national wide game which generally ruled by Chinese players.
  3.  Indonesia : In this country sports is always considered as the intrinsic part of their culture. Still their widely played games are “Football” and “Bedminton”.
  4.  India : Most widely playing game Hockey is the national sport of India, In which India has won eight Gold medals in Olympics. But yes Kabaddi is also very popular sport in India.
  5.  Russia : In Russia “Bandy” is a game played very widely, It’s kind of ice hockey. This game generally played in winter by the players who wears the skates with a stick which direct the ball.
  6.  Ukraine : Ukraine is a huge fan of football , besides that Ukraine major sport is “Basketball”. It’s a physical game played by two teams divided into 5 players in each team.
  7.  Poland : Poland has almost all the interesting rules or Discipline in sports. They most commonly play games like volleyball, motor cycle speedway but instead of that their national sport is “Football”.
  8.  Turkey : Turkey always in the wrestling games and their players are very much of a deciding factor for the “Oil Wrestling” which is widely known as their national sport.

And there are so many countries which have their own traditional and historical games they have been playing since generation ago.


Competitions and Medals of Sports

Competition is now a part of every person life and they always competing with someone in their Office, business and games many more. In sports competition is necessary thing to teach every one the lesson of the ability they can do these thing or motivation you can say, it also tells about the management of the things and punctuality. Competition comes in many form into every one’s life and they find a way to tackle from the competitor. It’s normally kind of a contest or way of processing that who is better than who and through which the winner comes up into the picture and get the medal or trophy or any kind of gesture. Competition can of any kind like individual or team wise.

            Medal is something that the winner get in a gesture when he/she wins the sport or game. If we talk about the Olympics medal there are generally 3 kind of medals are their first three position holders in that game after the competition happens. The first person get the Gold Medal who is the winning person of all , the second person or you can say the second position holder get the Silver one medal and the last but not the least the third position holder gets the Bronze medal from the authority or the organizers.

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