Lohri festival 2018! Complete informationFestival 

Lohri festival 2018! Complete information

Lohri Festival

Our country is a country of unity in diversity and here all festivals are celebrated in a traditional way. Whether it is Diwali, Holi or Raksha Bandhan. Along with this, there is a festival which is related to the story of a brave warrior. Yes, we are talking about Lohri which is celebrated with great joy and joy in entire northern India. As soon as listening to the Lohri name, the picture of Bhangra, Giddha, Peanut and Rewdi begins to emerge. Lohri With the arrival of spring 13 January is celebrated on the last night of the month of Pasha. The next day is the celebration of the month of Magh and is celebrated as Maghi.

Like the Vaisakhi festival, Lohri (Lohri Festival ) is also related to the village, crop and season of Punjab. This festival is celebrated to avoid the cold winter season and to ease the fraternity and fire. This festival is also related to the crop. At this time, wheat and mustard crops are done on their last stages. Crops such as wheat, mustard and husk wither in the fields. Like the Diwali, Holi or Vaisakhi, Lohri is not a religious story but the story of the heroic warrior Dulla Bhatti is associated, that is why this festival has become a symbol of the civilization of Punjab.

Lohri Festival Story

According to the elderly, Lohri festival is associated with many historical stories, but the major folk tale associated with it is Dulla Bhatti, who was a brave warrior during the Mughals. Dulla Bhatti had taken action against the growing oppression of the Mughals. It is said that the two Mughal rulers of the area wanted to marry forcibly with two girls of Brahmin and Sundari and Mundri, but the engagement of them had happened somewhere else. Fearing that Mughal ruler, his future in-laws were not ready for marriage. During this encounter, Dulha Bhatti helped the Brahmin, and after celebrating the boys, burnt a forest and consumed Sundari and Mundri. Dulay himself gave the daughter of two girls. It is said that Dulha had given him sugars as an omen. People still remember the service of humanity against the oppression of Dulha Bhatti, and celebrate that night as a lohri on the oppression of truth and courage.

Lohri festival is celebrated

The Lohri festival Hindi in Punjab is also associated with new born children. Since ancient times, this ritual is coming out that Lohri is celebrated in the house where a boy is born. Jugs are distributed to nearby people a few days before the Lohri festival. On the night of Lohri, all relatives and neighbors come to the house of the boy and fire is lit from woods, pots and etc. All jiggery, peanuts, ravdis, dhani etc. are distributed to all. Nowadays, some people have started lohriadhi on the birth of girls to prevent female feticide, so that the gap between boy and girl can be eliminated in the orthodox people. In many areas, the first lohri of the married couple is celebrated, in which the couple joins the holy fire of the Lohri festival, after which the couple enjoys great blessings.

Lohri Prasad

Lohadi Prasad
Lohri Prasad

In the Punjab region of India, 20 to 25 days before Lohri, boys and girls, singing folk songs of Lohri Festival, the wood and the weeds are ekkatte. The people of the family and the neighborhood gather around the fire. The family revolves around the fire. Peanuts, ravdis, and flowers are presented to the fire and these things are distributed among all the people in the form of Prasad. While returning home, two of the Lohri-kachchh khayat kayalas, Prasad as a house is also in practice.

What is the Lohri wear?

What is the Lohri wear
What is the Lohri wear

In the cities, mischievous boys go to the other streets and pick up a girl burning lohri and put them in the lohri of their lanes. This is called Lohri Patah. This custom is associated with Lohri quite old time. The elderly people say that it is very necessary to spend Lohri festival on the festival of Lohri and it has to be completed like a ritual. The effect of some pastoral beliefs, time and regionalism can make a difference in celebrating all the festivals, but it is also true that whatever the festival is, it brings people’s love and message of humanity.

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Lohri Festival Wishes

Lohri Festival is just a few days before the arrival of the Lohri greetings in the relatives and friends. You can also send greetings to your family and friends by the best wishes for the Lohri festival given below: –

Love of happiness and love of my dear

Happy Lohri festivals to you ||


Groundnut the fragrance and jiggery sweetened

Makki the roti te mustard da greens

Heart diligence to love you

Mubarak Hovee Tuhanu Lohadi da Festival ||


Moon Mubarak,

Happy friend to friend,

Mubarak to you,

And lohadi happy to you from me ||


The breakthrough came in the vandal,

Lohri, please give tiari,

Agag de Cole come all the way,

Sunderia-Mundrariae loud nail sing,

Lohri de apne tu apede whole family congratulations ||


On the day of Lohri Festival, all houses are celebrated with corn roti, bajra roti and mustard greens. Every store on the festival of Lohri – peanuts, ravadi and jiggery strips are visible on the hill. Everywhere in the markets, robusts are doubled. Not only that, in many places nowadays, DJs are also installed on Lohri festival and are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

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