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Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath Wedding

Kapil Sharma Wedding

Soon after the marriage season started, Deepika Padukone again got seven rounds of marriage in Italy and Priyanka Chopra is ready for marriage. After Priyanka Chopra’s marriage, the country’s biggest businessman, Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani, is going to be married but before that Kapil Sharma is about to get married.

Kapil Sharma is going to marry his longtime girlfriend Ginni. Both Kapil and Ginni first met at a college in Punjab, then Kapil Sharma was 24 years old, and Ginni was 19 years old and Kapil Sharma had come here to audition the students by becoming a director. Kapil Sharma liked Ginni’s audition so much that he made him the real heroine of his life.

Guinea and Kapil Sharma are not getting married easily. Some years ago when Kapil Sharma’s mother reached Guinea’s house with a relationship of her son’s marriage, the father of Guinea had rescinded her. Well it’s time to say that the time is bigger. Kapil Sharma was not so successful and Ginni was also completing his studies. Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma witnessed success, won a comedy show, hosted a comedy show and acted in a Bollywood film, and despite this, when Kapil Sharma again saw the low phase of his career, Ginni was standing with him at the same time. That is why Kapil Sharma decided to marry Ginni and now the families of both of them are with them in their decision.

Kapil Sharma Wedding Outfits

Kapil Sharma Wedding Outfits
Kapil Sharma Wedding Outfits

Comedy King Kapil Sharma married his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath in Jalandhar on Wednesday. Kapil Sharma has also shared the photo of his wedding couple on his official social accounts. Although Kapil Sharma also appeared in the mood of fun on his wedding day. On Wednesday night, when Kapil Sharma was going to the Pavilion along with Ginny Chatr to take a turn, he gave the message to the fans, but before that he asked his fans, “Do what you say …” Or should I run away? “This is the reason that Kapil Sharma is always in the mood of humor and fun. Because of that, the people of the country love him very much. Many photos and videos of Kapil Sharma’s wedding are becoming viral. Tell me, Comedian Kapil Sharma married his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath with traditional Punjabi customs. Kapil Sharma was wearing a green color turban on Shervani and cream color at his wedding. Also Kapil had taken Saber in his hand. His turban had three stanzas. At the same time, his wife Ginni Chatrath had dressed in red and golden cloth and bodice. Kapil (Kapil Sharma) delayed the marriage venue. Bride Ginni appeared in the traditional costumes with Leopard, Nath and Earings in Layered Neckpiece. Kapil also shared the first picture of his wedding on Instagram. Considering the popularity of Kapil Sharma, there was also a strong security arrangement at the wedding venue. A guest who came to the marriage told IANS on condition of not disclosing the identity that close relatives of the couple’s families, their friend was present in the marriage. Along with this, some comedic people came to participate in the wedding. Kapil Sharma’s wedding talk about food, then Punjabi food was served. Along with this there were also some special Thai dishes.

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