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How to earn money from YouTube


Many people are earning thousands and millions of rupees today from YouTube and they are absolutely true that you too will know. That’s why you want to know how to earn money from YouTube. Do you also want to earn money from YouTube but you do not know how to earn money from YouTube. A huge number of recordings are transferred on YouTube consistently. Those who have only one purpose, make money from YouTube. Now it comes to how those people earn money from YouTube. Today we will give you finish data about this. After reading this post, you will know about all the ways to make money from YouTube.
There are such a large number of approaches to acquire cash from web. We have already told you about Best 5 ways to earn money from internet. YouTube is the best way to earn money online

How to earn online money complete information

After the arrival of Jio in India, the internet has been cheap and fast since YouTube has become a means of earning money in India. You can also call it Online Business. Today everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube. Which YouTube video creator earns money? Who are called you tuber?
First of all, know what YouTube is and how it works. Which will help you earn money from YouTube?

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing stage. On which any person in the world can upload video. This is a free platform. For which you do not have to pay any kind of money. Like YouTube, which is Google’s service and other Google services, you get to see the YouTube app in every smartphone. Therefore, the video uploaded on YouTube is much more likely to be viral compared to any other internet platform. To upload a video to YouTube, you have to create a YouTube account called YouTube Channel.

How YouTube functions

YouTube is the second greatest web crawler. Where consistently a large number of individuals look. To get your video up in search, you have to use keywords in Tittle, Tag and description. YouTube is a special thing that it promotes auto video. If you look at any video you are given a lot of related videos recommended. Visiting views on a video also depends on the channel subscriber. When you watch a video on YouTube every you tuber speaks before subscribing to our channel before the video starts or before the video ends. That’s because YouTube works on subscriber base. The more subscribers of the you tuber will be able to access the more people the video is. Which will get more and more views?

Create YouTube Channel and Upload Videos – Create YouTube channel

♦ Firstly you have to make a YouTube channel. You will need a Gmail account for this. With the help of which your YouTube channel will be created.

♦ Keep your YouTube channel’s name as unique, short and easy to remember. Create channel art and logo design to make your channel professional. Ro Create a video intro for your YouTube channel. Video Upload your own created video to your channel. Which is just your copyright? After uploading the video, share it with your friends and social media which give you more views.

Speak the logo in your video to subscribe to the channel.

When your channel’s video logo starts appearing, views and subscribers will continue to grow on your video, and then you can start making money from your channel. There are lots of ways to earn money from YouTube.

Ways to Make Money from YouTube

We are going to tell you about the ways to earn money from YouTube which is very easy. Using these methods you can earn millions from YouTube.

Google Ad Sense

Every big YouTube earns money from YouTube using Google Ad Sense. If you also want to earn money from YouTube you will have to monetize YouTube channel from Google.

♦ First of all, you have to enable YouTube channel to enable you to go to YouTube channel setting.

♦ After this you have to create an account in google Ad Sense using Gmail.

♦ When your channel’s monetization is turned on, then there are ads on your video that you get paid. You will see more people winning your video, the more you earn. The money you earn from your YouTube video comes into your google Ad Sense account, which you can transfer to your bank account.

♦ Account How to create a Gmail account

♦ What is blogging and how to do?

What is Digital Marketing and How to Start Online Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

With the help of Affiliate Marketing you can earn a lot of money. For this, you have to link the product of any similar online company to your YouTube description box and when someone clicks on it, you get commissioned.

♦ Firstly you have to join the Affiliate Program. Like Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, clickbank etc. Link Make an affiliate link for the product you want to sell now.

♦ Now you promote the same to your video. And give that product link in the description box which if you buy it, then if you buy it you get commission money.

♦ You will find the affiliate link in the description box of every major YouTube.


When your YouTube channel gets popular, then you start getting sponsorship. For which you are given a good amount. The more popular your YouTube channel, the more you will be given sponsorship and money. This is a great way to earn money from YouTube, for this, you have made as many subscriber bases as possible on your YouTube channel. Because you can apply for Sponsorship only after having 5000 subscribers.
We have told you all the ways that every you tuber uses and earns money. But google Adsense is the most used in all of these. This is the main source to earn money from YouTube so you should have all the information about how to enable YouTube channel to google monetization

Every new You Tuber must go for a look at YouTube

There was a time when most people did not know what YouTube was like. And how to earn money from YouTube. At that time only a few people were working on YouTube. This was the time when you started earning money by putting any video on YouTube from day one.
But when Reliance jio came to India, people started watching videos on YouTube. The reason for this was internet cheap and fast. Now everyone was watching the video on YouTube. Many new YouTube creators also started working on YouTube. It also creates any video and puts it on YouTube and earns it money.
Then there came an update from YouTube that said that when you get 10,000 views on your YouTube channel, then you can start making money from YouTube channel. Getting cheaper and fast than internet was 10,000 views. But it was not saying that YouTube was being damaged due to the fake click on the advertisement shown by YouTube. It was damaging the advertiser of YouTube. Which is why they make advertising on YouTube a lot less?
Now a while ago, a new update came on YouTube that said to earn money from the YouTube channel, you will have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time on your channel first within 1 year then your YouTube The channel’s monetization will be enabled and you will be able to start earning money. So friends have given us all the information about how to earn money from YouTube in this post. Hopefully this post would have been helpful and useful for you. If you liked our post, then share it with your You tuber friends.

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