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Celebration of Navratri Durga Pooja

What is Navratri

Navratri is an Indian festival celebrated by Indian to perform Durga pooja, It’s a nine day kind of a thing in which people used to do fast or you can say Vrat for the Goddess Durga and her nine female avtars. In India each festival has it’s own story and values in the heart of people by which they express there faith in GOD. Navratri is celebrated because once a time there was a demon named Mahisasur who is a buffalo demon. He serves his cruel ways to hurt people and always disturbing them by all his evil activities by which people are totally abandoned and they were dyeing. He is very powerful on the planet at that time and also faces wars with the Devas. Each person on earth even in Haven all people are get frustrated from his activities throughout which they were not able to live there lives peacefully. So All the Devas decided and go to Durga Mata and said there problem then she felt that there is some serious issue with this evil that need to be short out very quick . But Mahisasur don’t even listen a word from Durga Mata and attacked her finally Durga Maa take avtar of Shakti and kill that cruel evil. The war goes on nine days that’s why the festival got he name Navratri. Navratri Means nine night of joy and happiness for the people who have faith in GOD. They celebrate it via having fast and pooja on daily basis.


How Navratri Celebrates in India

How Navratri Celebrates in India
How Navratri Celebrates in India

All the states have there own way to celebrate this festival in there exclusive style. To celebrate Navratri you don’t need to do much thing, it’s a festival where you can devote your soul to the GOD by only doing Vrat and pooja to the GOD. As we all know that this festival is of nine days and people get start there preparation 2 or 3 days back. For this festival we just have to follow some rules and prepare some items so that our attention won’t spoil just because of one thing. In South you can go and ask them about the Navratri they tell there is workshipped of Goddess Durga for first three days, after that they pray for Goddess Lakshmi for next three days and in the last three days they pray for Goddess Sarswati. Like in West Bengal this festival celebrates as Durga Pooja and they celebrate it on a huge basis where all the women were red and white saree to devote there attention to the Goddess and pray in their own way. Or in Western India the people celebrates the Navratri as a nine night of dancing festival like they perform traditional dance in Gujrat and decorates all the market places where the festival celebrated for nine days. In Mumbai they do Disco and dandia for these days and in Delhi the celebration happens in term of play.


Navratri Fasting Rules to be followed

As the festival tells us it’s a nine day festival so we have do the things for the nine days to workshipped of Goddess Durga. We have to take bath daily who is doing fast or Vrat . We have to be sure before preparing any food items that our hands are clean and so the kitchen also. We should clean all the utensils to use in these days before preparing any fast item for self or for anybody. Before doing all these things we have arrange some things like Durga Mata picture or statue as per your liking , A pot filled with mud and seed . Some Clove leaves , Elaichi , Mata ke Shringar ka saman , A chunni or dupatta to deity , Grass , Sandalwood , Coconut ,Ganga Jal and Mango leaves.  In these days every person should drop the idea to having alcohol or Non-veg products. We should pray daily and have food items which are used in Vrat. We should not eat onion , garlic in these days.


Special Food items to eat in fast

Special Food items to eat in fast
Special Food items to eat in fast

Navratri celebrates in different ways in all states of India. Every state have there own food items to grab and full the tummy. They eat fruits like Banana, Apple and etc. as per there own taste. All type of fasting snack like chips, peanuts, Namkeen and dry fruits. There are also some items which can be prepared by yourself by using Kuttu and Sabudhana. You must use sendha namak instead of normal salt these days.

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