Do something like this in the New YearFestival 

Do something like this in the New Year

New Year

Beginning with the arrival of the New Year, the series of new hopes, challenges and resolutions Every time we start a new year with a new resolution, but a few months later, we get lost by the promises made by ourselves. There are very few people who are able to reach their own conclusions. Even if you have already planned the coming months, it will be easier for you to complete the goal. To settle the work every day, every week and every month, you have to walk in a planned manner and it will be possible only if you learn to organize your work properly, you will learn how to manage time. Like this past year, this year should not go away as well, so in the next year of the planning of your life, imprison you in some way like this:

1.) Create a theme for each month first. Then list the most important things. After that, set a certain time for every task and try to complete it in the same period.

2.) Never plan planning in the middle of the month, otherwise you have very little time left to implement the planning. If plans are in the middle, then apply that new plan from the first date of the next month.

3.) The day of the 3 week is lighter in terms of work, on that day some extra and urgent work can be done.

4.) Except for work, take time out for yourself too.

January is the new beginning!

It is believed that the month of January is celebrated, but do not forget that in the same month you have to make plans for tomorrow. So take a diary and make a list of important tasks of each month. First of all, see which work was not completed last year. Focus to finish it. After this, separate planning for the remaining months to come. As in January the schools of children begin to open and many schools also have admissions. So deal all the work related to school in January.

If you are a working person, then set your own goal each month and try to complete it on a certain deadline. Exit today’s trend of ‘tomorrow or tomorrow, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow’. Decide a new goal (goal) of every day and complete it. Make plans for children’s education and investment in this month too. Make preparations to celebrate Makar Sankranti festival with joy, because now you are going to get rid of the cold winter. To avoid seasonal effects, add sesame seeds, jaggery, peanuts, fenugreek leaf etc. to eat foods.

Enjoy the spring in February!

Along with Vasant Panchami, this month inspires you to move forward with new energy. Understand this weather season and make a difference in your lifestyle. Make a dream to live a healthy life by making a change in the food. To bring sweetness in your relationships, plan Valentine’s Day this month.

Now it’s time for children to prepare for Exam. Start recruiting children from now, because the examinations of the board will start from next month. Help them create notes related to the subject and according to them, encourage them to read. Encourage memorized topics to be written repeatedly, this will help them to remember them.

Make some changes in your routine too. Like watching TV, party or other such activities which interfere with the education of the child, reduce it, so that there is no obstruction in the preparation of the exam. Start packing hot clothes, but wherever you keep it, make a note in the diary where the cloth is kept, so that you do not have trouble in removing it again.

Keep in mind the budget of March!

In this season of Phag, Holi needs to be prepared, and somewhere preparations for weddings will also be going on. Must prepare for the party and the festival, but the most important thing is that it is time for children’s examinations. So help them with proper catering as well as in their studies, so that they can prepare for the exam in a healthy way. But keep in mind that you do not want to put pressure on their performance, otherwise they will be scared of exams in their mind.

You have to do financial planning along with the exam. If you have not made any plans about saving in January, then planning this month about filling tax as well as saving etc. If you have already taken any policy before, keep a note of the upcoming premium date, as a reminder, so that you can pay all the money on time.

Plans to roam in April!

After getting out of the march of stress, it gets a little lighter now. April bluffs with flowers and laughs at them. Along with this, Vaisakhi, Ramnavmi and Good Friday also prepare to celebrate.

After the tenth or twelfth time it is time for the teens to choose the college’s election. Start gathering information about college and apply for admission in almost every college around the neighborhood. One more thing, to keep working and to be productive, there are two different things. Understand this difference and see how much work you have done in the past three months. The goals that you were running were fulfilled, or you were busy all the time. Wherever there is a deficit in yourself and if there is scope for improvement, then make changes in your style of functioning. Take lessons from past mistakes and improve yourself.

If you are planning to travel somewhere out of the holidays, then do all the planning in this month, so that you can book tickets in advance during the time. Also, keep a list of what you need to go on a journey. In this way you will be able to plan your holidays correctly.

May Mean Mother’s Day Celebration!

The heat has increased significantly in May. So make every effort to avoid the effects of heat. Eat lightly and give priority to eating watermelon, mango, mint, cucumber etc. In regular products of the soil. Prepare for children’s holidays by saving heat from rising heat. This time, make a program to meet friends or relatives in the holidays, so that children can understand the importance of relationships. To make this holiday memorable, you can have a theme party for the sake of children. In this month you will also celebrate Akshaya Tritiya and Buddha Purnima. Mother’s day will also wait Think of some surprise gift for your mother this time too.

Join Hobby classes in June!

June is the month of holidays. There will also be a plan to go out somewhere this month. If not, then enjoy Summer Classes in this holiday. Along with the kids, you can also do Hobby classes like Dancing, Cooking, English Speaking or any other course. Simultaneously, keep the goal of completing their homework on time. Make some physical activities from the children so that they can fully enjoy these holidays. But with all this, it is necessary to defend against the ‘Lu’ who runs this month. This month’s heat recipes are common recipes and raw onions – domestic remedy to avoid ‘Lu’.

The light rain in July!

After the run of June, the month of July will be slightly rest. At this time children’s schools will also be opened During this time you will get some time, then this time can be used for gardening, because the month of July is rain. This is the most suitable time for gardening etc. If you also want to see greenery around your home or home, then make a contribution in this month to keep a plant and the environment clean. Also focus on your own fitness. Be healthy in the monsoon and children should stay away from infection, prepare it already. Refuse to eat out of children’s food and explain them the meaning of hygiene.

August – This is the festive season!

As soon as the saawan starts, the festival and festival of fast begins. Janmashtami, Rakshabandhan, Teej i.e. one coming festival afterwards restores the mind. Prepare a list of what is needed for preparing to celebrate this upcoming coming festival. Celebrate every festival with simplicity and make this relationship even stronger. If you have to give gifts in Rakshabandan, then prepare for it already.

In September, tan and purging of psyche!

In Ashwin month after 15 days of patriotism, Shardhiya Navaratri begins. The time has come to change the climate.  Correctness in Navaratri is essential for the impact of the falling temperature should not be on your health. To keep you healthy with tan and mind, worship nine forms of mother worship, but keep in mind the health also. Along with catering, bring changes in lifestyle according to the weather. Devote the clutters in your brain to the feet of the mother and take steps to carry on with a calm life.

The festival of festivals will begin once the Navaratri is over. Please note the important issues in the diary, and prepare for the upcoming festival for the upcoming festivals.

October is very expensive!

A couple of days after the finish of Navaratri, you will observe Diwali.  At this time home decor and clothes will be purchased i.e. this month you will spend a great deal of cash. So, taking lessons from the mistakes of the past year, this time avoid the wasteful preparation of the festival. Buy fourteen days before the celebration touches base, since there will be no compelling reason to flee for anything at last time. Watch out for the deals that are occurring right now and shop them carefully.

November means winter knock! 

This month, the chilly beginning of winter. So evacuate the warm garments and fix it. The hot garments that you are not going to utilize this time, separate them into the penniless. It’s likewise an incredible time to begin weaving for ladies. On the off chance that you need to make something new, watch out for the magazines turning out this month.
As indicated by winter, roll out a few improvements in your way of life. In the event that there is a medical issue, get the vital assessments in winter and focus on the strategies for anticipation. Around the same time there will likewise be Muharram and Kartika full moon. In the event that you need to make some exceptional arrangements, plan it.

Do your own examination in December! 

The last month of the year i.e. December is the celebration for some people, so for some people, work pressure. If you are a working person, then the pressure of deadline increases this month.  Manage your work methodically, on the grounds that when there is an air of fun all over the place, staying buried under the burden of work will increase your sadness. Women who are not working can try a Christmas recipe and celebrate the mini-festival in their home.

Celebrate Christmas festival and then make some more goals for the coming year.  Attempt to finish the work that has been deficient in a specific due date. In the coming New Year, analyze yourself whether you have systematically conducted every month. On the off chance that your answer is in ‘yes’, does a similar sort of work as you do and become a smart person.

Friends, date changes and years change, but do not change expectations in this journey of time. Dreams are never old. Life is the name of this. Keep walking But in this episode, playing rituals around the world, fulfilling our needs, have we ever noticed that life also demands some of our promises.

Well, changing these promises in calendar does not make sense. These promises go with life. Those who fulfilled the promises, their share of laughter and blossoming life came, and those who missed, they became alone in the path of life. Simply this is the place the narrative of thrashing win in someone’s life starts.

The New Year 2019 is in front of you.  You too should have numerous sorts of dreams during the current year. To satisfy your fantasies, you should depend on yourself and make a few guarantees from yourself. Make a date-book of satisfaction.  Make lists of goodies. Remember to keep your good friends together, remember your evils, and try to delete them forever. Let us also accept one thing today. Make a guarantee to yourself that you won’t do any such thing that you must be humiliated in your own eyes. After this, the voyage of bliss starts. Begin by this voyage and see … snickering at a roadway and a glad life will hang tight for you.

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