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Choose your wedding dress according to Body Shape

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Body Shape matters a lot in clothing look and fitting. So whether it is casual ware or octal wear, do not ignore your shape while dressing of all kinds. If you too are going to be a bride too soon, to make your bridal shopping perfect, we are telling you how to choose outfits according to body shape.

Have you also heard that if the bride wanted Shilpa Shetty or Anushka Sharma wear a lingerie and she bought it, but on her special day, she was not fully engaged in that lehnga. So it means that such type of lehngas were not exactly suitable for their body type. To protect you from such a bitter experience, we are telling you the specific tips for choosing outfits for your body type. Gautam Gupta, Fashion Designer, Asha Gautam says, “There are many types of fabrics available in India, which give you a good opportunity to experiment with texts and designs. Many options like Brocade, Silk, Cotton, Khadi, Georget, Chiffon, Satin are available in the market, which you can choose according to your color and body type. You just have to come up with a combination of the right fabric, color and cut. “Usually, women with three types of body type are more. That’s why we are recommending you to design outfits like those three types.

For Pear Shape Body

In this body shape the hip is wide from the shoulders. When choosing a bridal outfit for this type of body, two things should be taken care of. First, raise the upper part of the body and try to hide the lower part. If you wish, you can raise your upper part of the brassiere or outfit with embellishments, embroidery or bold texts. Wear dark color with it, so that people get more attention on your upper body. You can choose a bracelet instead of umbrella lehnga. Longer buds of lehngas will show you long and tone your figure. Choose a silk-like fabric for the bottom, which prepares a structure and shows your body thin. Perfect for monotonous colors and fragile embroidery bottoms on it. Wearing Long Ambalised Jackets on Lehnga is also a great option. Wear the heavy jewelry in the neck and the forehead bar on the head. These people will take care of your upper body. If you are wearing saris, then keep the puff sleeves on the blouse.

Apple shaped Body

Flip the bottom in the reverse apple body shape of Pier. Keep blouse or brassiere long. If you want, keeping the neckline deep, you can also show your shape as perfect. The grizzlier you will wear in the apple shape body, it will look as good as the more buds in the upper side, the more your waist will get a shape. Nutan Jain, designer of the New Arts says, “Try that you choose a V-neck blouse or gown. You will be able to enjoy the richness of the fairytale volumes and gowns. “You can make it encircled by using Can-Can in the bottom ware. If possible, experiment with light colors.

Rectangle body shape

Gautam says, “The biggest challenge for rectangle body Shape is to see a curvy, that is, to show body in shape. To show the curves, the capes will have an ampere line with fledged tops with either the shoulder layers, or the lehngas with pleats will be very good. “Structured laughs will give you a shape, so that you will see a curve. Besides this trend is quite new, you will also look stylish. Sleeveless, Strapless Brassie are the best options for you. With the help of accessories you can also boost your figure. The waistband or the beautiful long neck piece can lift your look. The handmade can be an excellent choice to show your arms up and show your body in shape.

Replace your full look with a draping style

Fabrics like George and Chiffon usually wear on every type of body type. Use the Velvet in your Bridal Outfit to get a heavy look. Even if you have already made an outfit, you can also look attractive by placing your draping style according to your body type. Just remember, do not wear highlights such as a brooch, accessory, or scarf on those parts to keep the plates or layers in place where they are to be raised and the ones to hide. If you have shortened the saddle, avoid choosing outfits with large prints, ebullitions and wide borders. It will show you even smaller and thicker. Do not wear too long for a long look, wear sandals, wear a gown floor, and choose the length of the outfit, when you walk around, your steps can stagger and you can fall into your own clothes. Use vertical design instead of increasing the length of the dress. You can make your look trendy by experimenting with sleeves of blouse or by inserting net jacket, cap sleeve, long jacket on top.

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