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Child Education Tips for Parents

Child Education

Childhood is an age where life is enjoyed by the hassle of tension. True, childhood is the time when we live in our own fun, away from world-wide conflicts. But have you ever noticed that children of today’s childlessness have lost their childhood somewhere? Instead of smiling, why are the lines of sadness and tension started showing their little faces? Children who heard the story of grandfather and grandmother at their young age have become busier than ever before. Hanging heavy bunches on delicate shoulders; their steps are joining the race of competition. There was a time when flowers on the lower lip used to be laugh and mischief was their main identity, but today the expectations of parents are more dominant over them. Young children already have a lot of stress in studies, the pressure of winning in the competition from the top makes these children big and serious at an early age. Perhaps this is the reason that they are beginning to become victims of stress at an early age.

Gurukul used to be that place where students used to live with the Guru for the students. For the many years he lived with the Guru, he had enough opportunities to change his life and ideas and he used to mix quite a lot of time. During that period of the student, there was no student or mercantile. The student was assessed and inspected by the inspection guru and he was tested when he went to the student community to demonstrate his behavior and abilities. In this visit of Gurukul from Gyanqul, the student has lost contact with his teachers. Today’s students find themselves trapped in the knowledge store spread around the society in the process of reconciling the knowledge scattered in society. This is the reason that these notices are lowering its profit and doing more harm.

CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) is an ancient assessment process, which is being decorated and made attractive by the new cover and being served by academics. Being a guardian, now it is your responsibility to handle this situation with so much awareness, because with caution, children can be protected from this bad influence. It would be better if a student’s assessment is done to make teaching interesting and effective, so that he does not wander from his goal.

Student is connected to various sources of knowledge during reading-reading. In this way, parents are required to provide important support to the children so that they can focus only on education. Preparation should be done not just for exams, but also for getting the correct education. A student prepares himself as a strong stem of the Gyan-tree. It is therefore necessary that his physical and mental development be in such a way that he is able to absorb the level of higher orbit and digest the fruits of the knowledge tree. We all know that the children’s first school is their home. Therefore, studies are not enough for a child in school only. The environment of the home is also tailored to it. With the support of the people, he can fulfill his dream, we should never forget this.

For parents: It is necessary for your cooperation

1.) Parents know better than their experience how long lessons prepared can be revived by making short notes. So help make the children remember by making points.

2.) The child’s mind gets tired due to continuous reading, so in the meantime allow him to take a break.

3.) If a habit of routine reading is done in children from the beginning, then they do not have unnecessary pressure at the time of the examination and they achieve their goal. Therefore, introduce your child to regular reading practice, so that he does not have unnecessary stress at the time of the examination.

4.) Help to maintain the environment as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Create a relaxed ambiance between each break.

5.) Always remember that every child is different from the other. His preferences and expectations can be different, and the reading might vary. Even in the way of remembering, there can also be a difference.

6.) Therefore understand him in the manner, in which he enjoys and feels comfortable, let him read it in the same way.

7.) Encourage children to read and keep in touch with the teacher from time to time, keeping you accurate reports of the child.

8.) Try to understand the child’s weakness and resolve it with the help of a teacher. If there is a weakness in a subject, then if he needs help, then definitely give it.

9.) The preparation of the subject should be completed three to four weeks before the 9th examination, from which only the work of the Revision was left in the subsequent days.

10.) The previous exams are helpful in preparing for the examination of the paper, they must help their child.

11.) Also note the appropriate diet of children. Whatever food items should be given in the middle of the study, they should be healthy and nutritious. Take care of their nutrition.

For Children: Maintain Restraint

1.) Keep your preparation right from the first day without waiting for the last moments.

2.) Arrange all the reading materials, so that they do not have to wander around while reading.

3.) Keeping in mind the basis of the subject you are preparing, study. As you prepare for a topic, you should know that you have to answer or explain in a line.

4.) During the examination, if the heartbeat is getting faster or sweating through the palms, then leave all anxiety and try to calm down. Prepare your mind for what could be worse than bad. In a while, all your fears will disappear.

5.) Do not expect the perfection, but do not let the effort decrease. If you prepare with this thinking, you will be able to do better.

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