Lohri festival 2018! Complete information Festival 

Lohri festival 2018! Complete information

Lohri Festival Our country is a country of unity in diversity and here all festivals are celebrated in a traditional way. Whether it is Diwali, Holi or Raksha Bandhan. Along with this, there is a festival which is related to the story of a brave warrior. Yes, we are talking about Lohri which is celebrated with great joy and joy in entire northern India. As soon as listening to the Lohri name, the picture of Bhangra, Giddha, Peanut and Rewdi begins to emerge. Lohri With the arrival of spring 13…

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10 Best New Year Reasons That Will Increase Your Self Improvement Festival 

10 Best New Year Reasons That Will Increase Your Self Improvement!

New Year The year 2018 is now at its last stop. All people are ready to say goodbye to him. Many people have made many resolutions for the New Year. But are we really able to meet those New Year resolutions? Well, good thing. Try to fulfill whatever resolution you have taken and succeed in it. Today, we are sharing 10 New Year Releases in this post with you. Which is very important for our self-Improvements? New Year is a new beginning of our life. From the New Year, we…

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Do something like this in the New Year Festival 

Do something like this in the New Year

New Year Beginning with the arrival of the New Year, the series of new hopes, challenges and resolutions Every time we start a new year with a new resolution, but a few months later, we get lost by the promises made by ourselves. There are very few people who are able to reach their own conclusions. Even if you have already planned the coming months, it will be easier for you to complete the goal. To settle the work every day, every week and every month, you have to walk…

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Why new year is celebrated Festival 

Why new year is celebrated

New Year The new year has been celebrated because it is believed that the New Year began to accept the place named Bebelin about 4000 years ago. And this new year to be celebrated on January 1 is based on the Gregorian calendar. But it started with the Roman calendar. This time, the new year of the pearl Roman calendar starts on March 1, but the famous Roman Emperor Julius Caesar had changed this calendar in 46 years BC. And after that he added the month of July and the…

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Best ways to decorate a Christmas tree Festival 

Best ways to decorate a Christmas tree

Christmas tree importance Christmas is a sacred festival of Christians, which is also called the big day. On December 25 it’s birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ, people of Christian community celebrate at various places with their traditions and customs with reverence, devotion and allegiance. In the church, the campus is decorated with electric warriors celebrating Christmas Day. Christmas tree has a special significance on Christmas Eve. Evergreen Christmas tree is Douglas, Balsam or fur plant, which is decorated on Christmas day. Estimates of this practice were made by the…

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Eco friendly Diwali Celebration Festival 

Eco friendly Diwali Celebration

Eco friendly Diwali Diwali is a celebration of festivity, love and extravagance, and it is difficult to think of thinking about accepting Diwali without any fireworks. Although crackers are painful for elderly people, young children, women and pets. The environment is polluted due to smoking and smoke. This is the reason for this huge problem. Diwali is the festival of light and there are several alternative ways to celebrate the festival. Today, we will tell you how to celebrate Diwali without firecrackers and safe and family Diwali methods. If you…

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This Diwali Donate for Poor and Orphans Festival 

This Diwali Donate for Poor and Orphans

This Diwali Donate for Poor Festivals are always a way to get the relatives and people around you close via sharing some gifts. People do think to complete their desires like high-end branded things etc., are fulfilled by some generous person in their circle. But think about those who look for nothing more than minimum necessities like clothes and Food? You can Celebrate Diwali with Poor. Diwali is the ideal time to bring brightness to someone’s life. And at this time most of people clean their homes, only to discover that…

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How to Celebrate Diwali in India Festival 

How to Celebrate Diwali in India

Why Diwali is celebrated Diwali is a festival celebrated with great fanfare. This festival is the favorite festival of all children, big and old. This festival is full of love and affection. It is also called the festival of lights. Because today people decorate their homes with illumination. This festival is celebrated all over the world by Hindus. On this day people have branded new clothes and decorate their homes with Rangoli. Why is Diwali celebrated? If you do not know then today we will tell you why Diwali is…

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Fasting Tips for Karwa Chauth Festival Festival 

Fasting Tips for Karwa Chauth Festival

Karva Chauth Rituals Karva chauth is considered the main festival of Hinduism. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival comes on the fourth day of the Kartik month. The festival of Karva Chauth is on 8th October. On this day, married women perform drowsy fast. Karava chutha fasting is considered the most difficult fast because it does not receive a single grain of water and food. The duration of this one-day fast continues till the sun rises in the morning and after worshiping the Moon in the evening. On this…

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Durga Pooja Festival 

Celebration of Navratri Durga Pooja

What is Navratri Navratri is an Indian festival celebrated by Indian to perform Durga pooja, It’s a nine day kind of a thing in which people used to do fast or you can say Vrat for the Goddess Durga and her nine female avtars. In India each festival has it’s own story and values in the heart of people by which they express there faith in GOD. Navratri is celebrated because once a time there was a demon named Mahisasur who is a buffalo demon. He serves his cruel ways…

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