Best ways to decorate a Christmas treeFestival 

Best ways to decorate a Christmas tree

Christmas tree importance

Christmas is a sacred festival of Christians, which is also called the big day. On December 25 it’s birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ, people of Christian community celebrate at various places with their traditions and customs with reverence, devotion and allegiance. In the church, the campus is decorated with electric warriors celebrating Christmas Day.
Christmas tree has a special significance on Christmas Eve. Evergreen Christmas tree is Douglas, Balsam or fur plant, which is decorated on Christmas day. Estimates of this practice were made by the Egyptians, Chinese people, or the Hybroes in ancient times.
Europeans also used to decorate houses with evergreen trees. These people considered the beasts of this evergreen tree as a symbol of the continuity of life to the pottas. He believed that the evil spirits stayed away from decorating these plants in homes.
The modern Christmas tree began in West Germany. During the staging of a popular drama in the medieval period, fur plants were used to show Eden Gardens on which the apple was hanged. This tree was shown a symbol of heaven tree.
After that, the people of Germany started decorating their house on December 24 with a fur tree. On this, colored papers, papers and wooden tricolor frames were decorated. During Victoria’s time candles, tofies and fine varieties of these trees were tied on the trees with ribbons and paper straps on these trees.
In England in 1841, Prince Albert placed the first christmas tree in Vidars Castle.


Christmas tree tradition

The Christmas night Santa Claus has the recognition of bringing gifts to children. It is believed that the Santa Claus climbs to the reindeer and comes from an icy place and by entering the houses through chimneys, they leave gifts for all the good children.

Saint Claude’s custom Saint Nicholas started in the fourth or fifth century. He was the Bishop of Asia Minor. He loved his children and sailors. Their aim was to be happy with the poor and rich on Christmas and New Year. His goodwill and kindness stories have continued for a long time as stories and stories.

According to a legend, he came in dream of Constantine and saved three military officers from the death penalty. By the seventeenth century, this kind person named Santa Claus was replaced by Saint Nicholas. This new name is the donation of the Danish people.

In cold regions, people also make Christmas trees of snow and decorate it with different types of things. But if you have thought of decorating a Christmas tree this time, then these tips can be of great benefit to you.


Best ways to decorate a Christmas tree

On Christmas, children are very fond of decorating a Christmas tree. Without a beautiful Christmas tree we can never even imagine the Christmas festival. This year we will tell you how to decorate your Christmas tree decorations with beautiful lights and accessories. Although in the market you will find Christmas tree of every size and design, but the thing about which is the Christmas tree decorated with its own hands, nowhere else. If you do lite above the tree then it will make your tree more beautiful. Apart from this, you can decorate your homes with beautiful candles. You can also make your homes beautiful with the bright papers star.

1.) Decorate your Christmas Tree with Light

Christmas tree can be made beautiful by putting colorful lights. Nowadays there are many types of colorful lights available in the market. If you want you can put these lights on the tree. At the time of putting the lights, one should pay attention to the fact that not all lights are the same. Applying different types of lights will be a better option.

2.) There is a lot to decorate

There are many types of things available in the market to apply on the Christmas tree. If you want you can put these market-selling items on the tree. Which includes bells, gifts and small balls. However, it would be better to use the same shapes and things that you can use colorful and different shaped things.


3.) Put a cotton wool to realize the snow

Hang the cotton wool on the Christmas tree. It will look like the snow on the tree collapses. Keep some gift packs around the tree and apply some candles. And of course, do not forget to put Santa Claus cap on Christmas tree.

4.) Give such a traditional look

To give a traditional look to the Christmas tree, Jesus Christ can also keep a small statue of Mother Mary. Keep small toys and clay sheep nearby. Sprinkle the golden paper on a Christmas tree by cutting it small. If you want you can sprinkle the market-selling glitter.


5.) Ornaments

Decorating ornaments on Christmas trees is of great importance. Today, there are glass ornaments of gold in the market. You can decorate your Christmas tree using these.

6.) Kappa

Kappa can be cooked on the leaves of the Christmas tree by making ice cream.

7.) Gift

Around the Christmas tree, you have to decorate some gifts. If you want you can keep a fake gift or keep some real gifts. Gifts to children are kept very close to the Christmas tree.


8.) Some Traditional

Every year you should keep some traditional things near the tree. If you wish you can keep the image of Lord Ishoo and mother Mary near the tree. Plus you can also keep small Santa Clauses.


9.) Make handsome decoration

If you have the art of making your children with petting or some hands, then you can tell them for decoration. They can create stars from bright papers etc.


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