Artificial Intelligence Pros and Cons

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Defination and briefing

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of computer to move forward the industry to digital world. It helps to create the intelligent machine or controlled robot to perform daily task intelligently. Artificial intelligence act like human intelligence in problem solving, Speech recognition, Learning and Planning. Research belongs with artificial intelligence is truly energetic and technical to perform the query.

AI (artificial intelligence) is similar version of human intelligence processes by tools or you can tell by computers. Examples of AI technology : Machine learning , Machine Vision , Natural language. Artificial intelligence is the better way of making computer controlled environment and robot who works intelligently , in the similar manner the intelligent humans work.

Below are the some useful or knowledgeable things that a person who is working on AI should know that now days how things work in artificial intelligence and how critical they are to use. There are some basic understanding of the current environment for the artificial intelligence.

Why AI Developed

  • Today’s world human behavior is described to intelligence, While on the other hand most complicated insect behavior never taken as intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence makes it possible for machine to learn from the past experience , Give some new inputs to perform the coming task very effectively like a human being. Artificial Intelligence term already introduced in 1956, But today intelligence has become more famous due to huge data volume, advanced algorithms and enhancements in computing and processing. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency completed road mapping decades ago and DARPA produced intelligent personal assistant long before Alexa or Cortana.
  • Organization are presently involves with artificial intelligence because it allows us to build better products.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence is critical because it can fanciful automate tasks that require human-level intelligence or may be more than human intelligence. This will generates tools that integrate AI better than their competitors.


How AI Effecting Daily Business

  • All the company are diverting towards the AI to develop the better work environments and automation of daily task. AI has been an integral part of software for years. Now days AI helps client in every industry to capitalize on enhancement of day to day activities and Industry will continue embedding AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning in solution across the world.
  • Artificial Intelligence repetitive learning and discovery through data , AI analyzes more and deeper data using neural networks that may have many hidden layers .
  • AI has been developed to perform critical task like autonomous weapons that are programmed to kill the problem. Industry using the sensor and Robot require intelligence to handle the task which are performed by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Different ways of artificial intelligence helping in modifying the health industry. Providing facilitating medical diagnostics and enhance the healthcare marketing also reducing medication non adherence. But the AI goes further than just rapidly improving the two existing areas of growth. Artificial intelligence adds helping determine the right question to ask in the first place.


Why AI Safety Important

Any problems we assign to Artificial intelligence systems probably won’t  match our real-world objectives. Unless we put in an humongous effort to teach AI systems every detail of our collaborative values. No matter where they are or how big their operating base, they will be affected by Artificial intelligence(AI).

What started is an almost magical way to collate data has turned into a means of analyzing and even predicting the task functionality based upon the collected information. What began as a good way to streamline repetitive task became in some companies a robot which will do the work. The Russians have  already checked the collecting data by Artificial intelligence saves them huge amounts of human investment in their disinformation projects to influence governments. As companies continue to seek out more and more data, it’s critical that the methods to protect it are equally robust.

The defense departments investing a lot in the new programming towards advancing the artificial intelligence which is stepping up on both technological and ideological clash. It’s a big deal that there are some indication that some of the powerful countries are addressing advanced artificial intelligence with scaling and funding with seriousness which issues demands.

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