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2.0 movie release with Akshay Kumar

2.0 Akshay Kumar Movie

The second part of Robot’s 2.0 is going to be released soon in cinemas. The film stars South Indian superstar Rajinikanth and actor Akshay Kumar is playing Villain. Film 2.0 is India’s most expensive film so far and most awaited movie. While the stars associated with the film are fiercely promoting it, let us tell you what the story of the movie 2.0 is going to happen.
The film was finally shown in the robot that Chitti is uncontrollable, after which the government has ordered Vasigran (Rajinikanth) to end the power of Chitti. After this, Chitti is kept in a museum by doing so under his control. The story of 2.0 starts now! A few years after chitti was being kidnapped, a mysterious and powerful super villain (Akshay Kumar) has made life difficult for people to live. This villain is stealing people’s phones and he also hates the mobile phone. This villain does this with the people because he has a disadvantage that he is forced to take revenge from the whole world.
The power of this villain runs through a mobile phone, the more the phones, the more power will increase. Through the phones of people, he starts destroying. At such a time, I miss Chitti, who can fight, but this fight is not easy. It has also been shown in the film how human beings have become slaves of mobile in today’s era.
Please tell that the film ‘2.0’ has been made in a budget of Rs 543 crore. This movie is originally made in Tamil and will be released in 14 languages. This is the most expensive film in Indian film history. The release date of Superstar Rajinikanth’s film Robot 2.0 has come to an end. Robot 2.0 will be released on November 29. The new poster of the film has been released. Let us tell you that this science fiction film is being made with a budget of over 400 crores. At the same time, in the film, besides Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson are in lead role.
The new poster of the film has a picture of a hawk. Here’s the tagline of the film – who will decide who is good or bad? In the film, Rajinikanth will be seen in the role of Scientist Vasajiaran and Robot Chitti. Right now, Akshay Kumar is going to be seen in the negative role.
VFX will be used in large amounts in the film. In such a situation, due to delay in post production, the release of the movie had to be stopped several times. At the same time, the film is also planned to release at large level in China.

Renewed work

With its film VFX, its release date is constantly running. According to sources, the American digital company that was given the work of the VFX of the film declared itself bankrupt. So whatever work was done, all went unnecessarily.
After the company was bankrupt, another company was given the job, but the team of ‘2.0’ was not happy with his work. They did not look at the level of work of 3D effects and VFX, so started working with a fresh start.

Film shot in 3D camera

Robot 2.0 is being prepared under the supervision of vfx Srinivasa Mohan. Explain that Srinivas Mohan had prepared the vfx of Bahubali only. According to director Shankar, we talked to the concept artist who draw all the characters. Then we changed the draw in the 3D model. The introduction and climax of Chiti are very complex in the film and many changes have been made in this. The special thing is that the film has been shot in 3D cameras.

Akshay’s film 2.0 has broken the record of Bahubali 2 before the release 

It is expected that this film will break the records of Prabhas’ movie ‘Bahubali 2‘. And it seems that it can happen. 2.0 has already entered 100 million clubs before its release. Film 2.0 is to be released on 29th of this month and the pre-release collection of this film has been Rs 120 crores. With this, it has become the first Tamil film, which has earned 100 crores of rupees before release.
This movie is going to be released on 10,000 screens worldwide, out of which 7500 screens will be from India and 2500 screens will be from abroad. Bahubali 2 was released on 9000 screens worldwide. CBFC has given the U / A certificate to Film 2.0 and its runtime will be 2 hours and 28 minutes. With this, director has become Shankar’s first short feature film. His last film Robot’s runtime was 2 hours and 47 minutes. Apart from this, this is the first Indian movie that has been completely shot in 3D.

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